Band Bio’s

Lorelei Wisian-Brooke

Lives in Austin, Texas.  She grew up in Nordheim, Texas and graduated with a B.A. in Music and a post-graduate certification in Legal Assisting from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Lorelei also works as a solo performer, brings a wide range of musical experience to the act.  She has performed big band music, German folk music, and country music, and has sung classical music with various bands, choral groups and orchestras. From 1990 to 1995, and again in 1997, she performed with Myron Floren in the Wurst Band at Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas. Her various musical experience gives the group a strong foundation for its performances. Lorelei has a Masters Degree in Information Technology and works as a Database Developer.

Schatzi (aka Sharlene Trumet) 

Currently lives in Helotes, TX.  She was born and raised in Buffalo, New York by a father of German heritage and a mother from Wurzburg, Germany. She began dancing and singing as a child and as a teen added the clarinet to her German music skills. In 1971, the Trumet family formed a band called the Sauerkrauts performing German folk music and developed a large following in the Northeastern United States and Canada. Schatzi played clarinet and saxophone and sang in the family group. Then in 1982, the Sauerkrauts were hired to perform in the German Pavilion at E.P.C.O.T. Center in Orlando, Florida. Schatzi worked there full time until 1987. Schatzi brings a fun flare to the group with her improve humor and light hearted nature.  In addition to the duo Schatzi is currently in marketing as an International Nerium Brand Partner, a certified transformational life coach as well as a licensed massage therapist.

Gary Trumet

A graduate of the prestigious Eastman School of music, also hails from Helotes, Texas and has been the leader and foundation of the very popular German show band, The Sauerkrauts, since 1985.  After a successful run at Disney’s EPCOT Center, Gary took his vision of bringing German/Austrian music to a much more popular level and succeeded, performing  in Las Vegas, Orlando, Florida, Vermont, New Hampshire ,well, just about every state in the union.  His talents as a showman, singing, yodeling and his musicianship of many instruments, has created a large following of devoted fans.  In the off season Gary is the Convention and Sales manager in Fredericksburg Texas at the Inn on Barons Creek.

Gary and Lorelei met when The Sauerkrauts were headlining at the newly formed musical theme park, Fiesta Texas in 1991 and Lorelei was a solo performer.  , Gary created an all girl Oompah band  in 1993 band called the “Foompah Frauleins” at a musical theme park, Fiesta Texas, in San Antonio, Texas, which later became the duo Lorelei und Schatzi.  The three performers collaborated on a few music gigs in 2014 after Gary retired the Sauerkrauts and was so enjoyable that YodelBlitz was formed.